miley cyrus Personal life and image

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  • miley cyrus Personal life and image
    In an interview, friend and actor Tyler Posey stated that he and Cyrus met on the set of the show Doc, and that they shared their first kiss on the show. He then stated that he and dated for two years and then broke up when they were 11 on the Red Carpet at Vh1 Divas 2009. but were fighting a lot" by the end. After the break up, Cyrus says that she initially rebel ed against everything Nick wanted me to be. And then I was like, I've got to be by myself for now, and just figure out who I really am. In (February 2008), Cyrus and her friend Mandy Jivaro opened a You Tube account and began posting videos of what they called The Mikey and Mandy Show. The show, described as a "You Tube hit, is said to be filmed for fun by Cyrus and Jivaro and to be entirely their work, with Cyrus and Jivaro editing the footage together.

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     miley cyrus Personal life


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